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Empower Assistance Dogs is based in Queensland and is founded by Craig and Tracey Murray. 


Empower Assistance Dogs breeds, trains and facilitates the empowering connection between those who need assistance and their new canine companion.

TRAINING Government Certified Guide, Hearing & Assistance DOGS

Assistance Dogs


Empower Assistance Dogs connects with the community in many ways.  No matter if you're looking to donate, volunteer or assist by raising a puppy while it's being trained, there are ways you can assist us to assist those in need.


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Selecting the Puppies

The selecting of the correct puppy is truly the foundation of the entire training and placement process and it sets the stage for the assistance or hearing dogs entire working life.  We start the selection process at 8 weeks of age.

Training Begins

Even whilst the selection process is continuing on, the training process is already beginning and this will continue throughout the entire working life of the assistance or hearing dog.  Included in this is ensuring that you hit all of the critical time periods throughout a puppy’s development into adult life and ensure a high level of social attitude is built into the framework of the process.  

Basic Training

In the basic training of a assistance or hearing dog we must ensure that the dog is capable of handling great change and all possible environmental effects that the dog and their human partners may encounter in their day to day life.  We must cover the training of the dog to be a great canine ambassador both in the home and in any part of society that the dog may interact with.

Lots of Hard Work

Whilst producing an assistance or hearing dog is definitely hard work, it is also extremely rewarding to watch candidate dogs empower their disabled recipients to gain greater independence and quality of life.  The amount of work needed is dependent upon the needs of the recipient and the speed and understanding that each individual dog possesses.  

Important Lessons

There are many important lessons for the candidate assistance or hearing dog to learn to become a government certified assistance or hearing dog.  These include public access training which involves ensuring the dogs have great manners and minimal impact on all other members of society including other animals.  There is also a massive amount of differing tasks that can be required and all must be done with extreme reliability regardless of distraction or environmental factors.

A New    Home

When the candidate assistance or hearing dog is being readied throughout its training program, we prefer to have a handler share in the interaction and transition training so that when the new dog goes to the new home the greatest synergy is achieved between dog, recipient and home environment.

"Giving to Empower Assistance Dogs means those in need are empowered to lead a more independent life."